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An efficient interface between the management and investors is crucial to any company and our Investor Relations department does just that. We firmly believe that investor satisfaction is paramount and something that can only be achieved through accurate and timely dissemination of financial and corporate information. As part of our efforts to ensure customer satisfaction, we also continually and actively work towards improving our internal processes to serve our investors better.


Quarterly Financial Results


Corporate Governance

Head of the Policy name Policy name as per attached file
Code of Conduct for Independent Directors pdf 01_code-of-conduct-for-independent-directors 01
Related Party Transactions Policy pdf 02-related-party-transaction-policy
Policy on Material Subsidiary pdf 03-policy-on-material-subsidiaries
Whistle Blower Policy pdf 04-whistle-blower-policy
Code of Conduct for Fair Disclosure pdf 05-code-of-conduct-for-fair-disclosure
Code of Conduct for Insider Trading pdf 06-code-of-conduct-for-insider-trading
Code of Conduct for Appointment of Independent Directors pdf 07_code-of-conduct-for-Appointment of independent-directors
Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors pdf 08-familiarisation-programme-for-independent-directors
Authorized KMP to determine the materiality of an event or information & its disclosure to the Stock Exchanges pdf09-authorized-kmp-to-event
Policy on Preservation of documents pdf 10-preservation-of-documents
Policy on Criteria for determining Materiality of Event pdf11-criteria-for-determining-materiality-of-event
Board Members & Committe Members pdfList of Committees